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Chrystal Clean is a company that strives to provide the best client experience possible with thorough communication and exceptional customer service. As a customizable detailing cleaning service, we aim to give clients a service that is tailored to their specific needs and requests, ensuring time is best utilized for client’s preferences. We always prioritize the quality of our work and maintain our high standards for every cleaning, and our staff receive extensive training on our company procedures and policies to ensure this.

We believe in investing in our employees, as their hard work and dedication is what allows us to function smoothly and provide the quality and care that we expect for our clients. It is our mission to continue to offer as much as we can for our employees, including our industry leading wages, health benefits plan, a safe and inclusive work environment, and opportunities for growth and advancement!

We truly appreciate the continued support of our loyal clients, local businesses and communities that we have received over the years. We will always be looking for ways to give back and repay the care and kindness that we have received, and look forward to continuing to provide our services for many years to come!

About the Owner

Chrystal Murray is the sole founder and owner of Chrystal Clean. Her drive and determination in the face of adversity have led her to build an award-winning company that truly stands out from the rest.

Chrystal grew up locally in Durham, Ontario, with many disadvantages due to her family situation. While her childhood was tumultuous and challenging, she never stopped fighting for a better life. Her childhood home was overtaken by hoarding and neglect, which fostered a strong passion within her for cleaning and organizing. She felt that everyone deserved a clean and tidy place to live.

When she became a single mother at 18, she was determined to beat the odds and create her own successful cleaning company. With the guidance and support of her grandmother she started offering cleaning services, which then blossomed into the bonded and insured company we now know as Chrystal Clean in 2011.

Chrystal is committed to making a difference; she participates in fundraisers and raises awareness for DCAS and other causes, and has many future plans for effecting change. Her goal is to inspire youths living in foster care, with a negative home life, or facing other adversity, and show them that success is possible no matter your background.

Today, Chrystal is blessed with an amazing husband and two children. She is also a very proud “dog mom” and “plant mom”, with a rambunctious fur baby and dozens upon dozens of luscious house plants. Looking back, herself and all of us at Chrystal Clean cannot begin to thank the local community enough for supporting us and allowing us to be where we are today.

Thank you for supporting local and allowing success stories (like Chrystal’s) to exist!

Our cleaning rates and time estimates can be found on our Services/Pricing page.

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Chrystal and her team are great. I have worked with them on real estate shoots and had them clean my home. She has a great work ethic and she always leaves the the houses she is in looking amazing.

Paul Brown

Customized cleaning, tailored to your individual needs.