Photo Release Agreement

At Chrystal Clean, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness, and attention to detail that we offer our clients. Providing our employees with extensive training on all of our cleaning methods and encouraging them to always strive for excellence is important to us.

For quality assurance purposes, our employees take “before and after” photos to show the results of their work. Please note, we do not take any photos that contain people, children, pets, family photographs or anything that could identify our clients. We only take photos of the items we are cleaning.

On occasion, we may use before and after on our social media pages to help promote and advertise our business by showing the quality and attention to detail in our work. These photos are grouped together with similar items from multiple clients (ex: before and after photos of shower grout cleaning from multiple homes). This helps ensure the photos cannot identify or single-out any of the homes we clean.

Your privacy is very important to us and the photos we use never disclose your information, or location. They are used to help us monitor and ensure quality within our company, as well as to help us feature our work for potential customers.

If you are uncomfortable with potentially having a before and after photo of an item in your home shared on social media, please feel free to let us know. Please note that photos will still be taken (but not shared) to continue to ensure quality assurance and protect liability.